Frequently Asked Questions

Do the louvres on the shutters open and close?
Each louvre is pivoted at either end and all the louvres in each panel are joined together by a tilt rod. This rod allows the angle of all the louvres in a single panel to be adjusted together to suit your needs.
Why choose us to supply your shutters?
We pride ourselves on the level of service that we can provide to all our customers. We understand that shutters are a new concept to many customers, and therefore a fair amount of information is needed about the product and how it works.
Glencot want you to feel able to come back to us again in the future and to recommend us to your friends and family.
How long is delivery time for my shutters or blinds?
All our shutters are custom made to fit your windows, so it takes 6 weeks from the date we receive your deposit for us to receive them from the factory.
What is the payment system?
Supply, measure and fit service, a deposit of 50% is required on placing of the order, with payment of the balance on the day of the installation once this is complete to your satisfaction.
Do we offer a measure and installation service for the shutters?
Yes by our in-house survey and fitting team. Generally we will only fit shutters where we have carried out a survey prior to order.
A supply only option is available based on dimensions provided however this is not recommended.
How do I clean my shutters?
Dust the panels with a clean soft cloth.
• For light cleaning, use a damp soft cloth (water only).
• For heavy cleaning (grease marks etc) wipe the panels with a damp cloth and a mild soap.
• Do not use any lemon oils or furniture polish.
Who should I call if I have any technical questions about the shutters?
Please contact one of our friendly team on 01277 221262 or email
How long will my shutters last?
All shutters that we install are of the highest quality and with normal use will last a long time. Many customers now regard the installation of shutters as actually adding value to their homes. The shutters long life-span is increasingly regarded as providing a saving on the need to replace constantly e.g. curtains. Their self-evident style is becoming increasingly popular and is much sought after.